See, Eat, Shop @ Shibuya

What to do when I want to travel but can't? Read and plan. Instead of just filing away articles on pinterest, I decided to create note posts on places I want to visit. First up is Shibuya. See @ Shibuya 1. Scramble Crossing Starbucks on the second floor of the TSUTAYA building for great view... Continue Reading →

Snack in Melaka

Jonker 88 Chendol, one of my favourite Asian desserts and the best ones are found in Melaka. I've heard so much about Jonker 88 chendol so it's a must try. Well, it's huge, has plenty of ingredients and comes with super thick gula melaka. Can't put my finger to it but it's not my kind... Continue Reading →

Lunch in Melaka

Wild Coriander   Beautiful interior. Super friendly waiter. We took his advice and ordered all the signature dishes except the rojak. Overall a wonderful place for a meal. It's quite a distance to walk from the main Jonker Street area but if you drive, there's open air parking just outside the restaurant. Remember to display parking... Continue Reading →

Hokkaido I Saw, I Ate, I Bought

Some go on free and easy trips armed with a detailed itinerary. Others adopt an adventurous spirit and only decide what to do when they arrive. The rest fall in between these two extremes. Personally, I'm skewed towards the detailed end of the spectrum. Besides itinerary, I like to come up with lists of where... Continue Reading →

Day 11, Mon 12 Dec 16 – Otaru

Brrr... I braved the early morning cold and walked to the nearby 7-Eleven for my cannot do without milk tea and a bowl of steaming hot... The oden was for my husband who cannot eat carbs. I had my fish cutlet sandwich bought last night.Well, I concluded that cold fish sandwich didn't taste nice. Good... Continue Reading →

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