Cheesecake Garden

Located near the foot of Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, just a couple of steps away from Fujiyama Cookie is Kawaguchiko Cheesecake Garden. After shopping for cookies, we headed there for a cake to celebrate my daughter's birthday. There were so many different cheesecakes to choose from! In the end, we selected 4 different slices instead... Continue Reading →


Fujiyama Cookie

Located at the foot of Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway overlooking Lake Kawaguchi is Fujiyama Cookie, a shop that bakes and sells Mt Fuji shaped cookies in an assortment of flavours. You can choose to get a box of cookies as a gift or if it's for personal consumption, just take a basket and pick the... Continue Reading →

Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Fields

The day started out gloomy and I thought all was lost with all our sightseeing plans. Thankfully after a day of shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlet, the skies cleared and we made it in time to see the sun setting over the pampas grass at Sengokuhara, Hakone. It was really like what many travelers have... Continue Reading →

Shingen Mochi

The most famous shingen mochi is found in Yamanashi prefecture by Japanese confectioner Kikyouya (桔梗屋). It is made of glutinous rice flour and eaten fully covered with kinako roasted soybean flour and kuromitsu brown sugar syrup. It was my first time trying so I only bought 1 pack. Should have bought more. It was so... Continue Reading →

Lake Ashi

Early morning sighting of the pirate ship, Vasa docked at Togendai Port ready to take visitors on a Lake Ashi cruise. Mist rising out of the lake as a result of the cold morning air. On our way to Shuzenji after visiting Gora Park, we drove past Moto Hakone, which is on the other side... Continue Reading →

Beef In Tokyo

Gyukatsu. Minced Beef Croquette. Roast Beef. Steak. Burger. Tongue. Hamburg Steak. If you love beef, here are some go to places in Tokyo. Gyukatsu Motomura Hole in the wall kind of restaurant that serves great tasting beef cutlet which you can cook to your liking on a personal hot stove. Read more here. Yoshizawa Located... Continue Reading →

Shake Shack

We were at Jingu Gaien Gingko Ave and lunch option was either the autumn matsuri or Shake Shack. I wanted to experience a matsuri where you buy food from different stalls and have like a picnic but I was glad majority wanted burger. Despite the mixed reviews, I personally think Shake Shack burgers are amazing.... Continue Reading →

Negishi Beef Tongue

Was searching for food places around Tokyo Station and beef tongue kept popping up, especially Negishi at Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall. We decided to give it a try and it was quite delicious. So there're 3 types of tongue as shown in the menu below. And each set comes with barley rice, soup, yam paste... Continue Reading →

Red Rock Harajuku

A few minutes walk from Line Friends Flagship Store is Red Rock Harajuku. Originated from Kobe, Red Rock is part of R&B Syuhari, Inc. that operates other restaurants that serve gyukatsu, shabu shabu, okonomiyaki etc.  A cow's head marked the entrance to the restaurant and at the door, there's a ticket machine where you select... Continue Reading →

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