Haneda International Terminal to Ginza

Airport Limousine KEIKYU WEBDirect access to HANEDA committed to your top convenience and comfort. Widespread coverage, reasonable fares, prompt and reliable services… Ideal form of airport transit designated for tourists.[KEIKYU LIMOUSINE]

3 options to choose from – Airport Limousine Bus, Keihin Kyuko Bus (a.k.a Keikyu Limousine or Haneda Airport Express Bus) or Train (Keikyu Line).

Both buses start at 8.25am (my flight lands at 6am), cost 930 yen (adult), 470 (child) and take 45 mins to reach Tokyo Station.  From the station, I have to walk 15 mins to Hotel Sunroute Ginza.

Train starts as early as 7.30am, costs 570 yen and takes 35 mins to reach Higashi-Ginza Station.  A 7 min walk will take me to the hotel.  An additional plus point is the Welcome! Tokyo Subway Ticket.  The 1-day pass at 1,200 yen (adult), 600 yen (child), covers my ride from the airport to Ginza, and gives me unlimited rides on all Tokyo subway lines (exclude JR trains). This fits well with my itinerary as I plan to do all the city sightseeing on the first day.

 So, will it be option 3?

I took option 3.  My plane landed at 6am and I cleared immigration and customs within half hour.  Had to wait til 7am for the Keikyu Tourist Centre to open.  It was a breeze getting the pass. And we even got to insert a special coin into a machine to get plastic balls with gift coupons inside. Won 2 bottles of green tea, a special edition nail clipper and a pack of potato chips. Sadly, we could not redeem the last 2 items as the gift shop in Haneda was not opened yet.  So, it is not always true that the early bird catches the worm.



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