Shopping At These 5 Places In Ginza

With only half a day to shop in Ginza,  where can I go with a husband who only shops for essentials, 2 daughters who like stationery and a family friend who doesn’t mind anything?

   Affordable clothing for all ages.  Although these stores can be found everywhere in Japan, the ones in Ginza are the flagship stores.  11am – 9pm.

 伊東屋  9 floors of exquisite stationery.  10am – 7pm.

無印良品 Clean cut, no frills, good quality day-to-day stuff.  Yet another flagship store.  10am – 9pm.

First Avenue Tokyo Station Located at the Yaesu exit of the Tokyo Station is 3 floors of stores known as First Avenue Tokyo Station.  What interests me is the Tokyo Okashi Land (B1, Yaesu Underground Central Gate, 9am -9pm) and Tokyo Character Street (B1, North Street, 10am – 8.30pm).

Glico Ya Kitchen (operated by Ezaki Glico) Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan (operated by Morinaga) Calbee Plus (operated by Calbee)

Tokyo Okashi Land is operated by 3 Japanese snack companies – Glico, Morinaga and Calbee.  I’m looking forward to try freshly fried Calbee potato chips with soft serve ice-cream and fudge.

Tokyo Character Street has 26 character themed stores.  Top 3 stores to check out – Donguri Republic for Studio Ghibli products from shows like Spirited Away, Rilakkuma for Sentimental Circus products and Moomin.

Will everyone have a 满载而归 (fruitful) shopping experience?


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