Tokyo Disney Sea – 5 Voyages

Read about the insane queue for this super fun ride.  The plan is to make a dash for the fastpass once the gates open at 8am.  Voyage of Speed.

King Triton’s Concert – Voyage of Songs.  I saw the performance the last time I visited Disney Sea but they have changed it.  Reviews are good and although everything is in Japanese, the songs are original. That is the highlight since “The Little Mermaid” has some of my favourite Disney songs.

 Still contemplating about this ride. Will I embark on this Voyage of Terror?

スペシャルセット、スーベニアランチケース付き クランベリームース、スーベニアカップ付き チョコレートチュロス

Special food for this year’s theme, “A Perfect Christmas”.  My goal for the Voyage of Taste is to try 3 of the Christmas specials.

My final journey – Voyage of Memories, will take me through all the shops in search of mementos to remember the time spent in Disney Sea.  Below are the souvenirs I got 5 years ago.  What will I be getting this time?

Disney Sea souvenirs


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