5 Kuromon Ichiba Market Eats To Try

One reason why I love the Japanese language is because I can guess the meaning by looking at the Chinese words used. The 4 black words in the banner above means “black door market”.  It refers to Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka. Nicknamed, “The Kitchen of Osaka”, this market specialises in fresh and good quality meat, vegetables, fruits and many other ingredients from all over Japan and abroad.

After reading several blogs and reviews, I’ve narrowed down to 5 eats to try at the market although I’m pretty sure I won’t keep to just 5.  Take a look at this eBook and you’ll know why.

Kuromon Ichiba Marketoden in Osaka  12 Things to Eat in Osaka, Japan  c00111-12-min

Grilled scallops – I’ll just look out for smoke and follow the smell of charcoal.

Oden – Ishibashi Syokuhin (refer to area map in eBook no. 33)

Bluefin Tuna Otoro (tuna belly) – Maguro Entoki (refer to area map in eBook no. 17)

Kobe Beef – Butcher Maruzen (refer to area map in eBook no. 23)

Nagoya cochin egg pudding with vanilla beans, honey and Hokkaido cream Shofukuan


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