5 Osaka Places To Shop

Osaka has 2 city centers, one in the north (Kita) and the other in the south (Minami).  Needless to say, most of the shopping is centered around these areas.  With so many shopping streets, malls and departmental stores, it is near impossible to cover everything.  Unless you plan to do nothing but shop.

So it’s time to pick and choose.  Selection criteria?  Shops with stuff to buy.  Good mix of shops to keep everyone happy. Near to accommodation.

1. Hankyu Department Store (Kita)

Map of Umeda

The main draw of this department store is its food hall at B1.  Brands like Glico’s Baton d’or, Grand Calbee, Fukusaya castella cake, Tsujirihei matcha, etc. can all be found here.  A one-stop place to get souvenirs.

2.  Dotonbori (Minami)

There are 2 stores to visit – Naniwa Mebutsu Ichibiri-An Dotonbori-ten, a souvenir shop that carries Kuidaore Taro products and Don Qoijote (Donki), the biggest discount shop group in Japan where I can get DIY candy making kits.

くいだおれ太郎プリン 3個入り  くいだおれ太郎サブレ 10枚入り くいだおれ太郎 Tシャツ   

3. Shinsaibashi-suji (Minami)

This is a shopping street that runs perpendicular to the Dotonbori canal.  The shops that caught my eye?


4.  Amerikamura (Minami)

Situated beside Shinsaibashi, this area is famous for its individual shops and cafes.  The plan is to visit 3 stores not found in Singapore, and choose 1 out of 3 short-listed cafes to rest 5 pairs of tired legs.



5. Namba Walk (Minami)

The area around Namba Station, which lies south of Dotonbori canal, is packed with shopping options – Ebisubashi-suji, Marui (OIOI), Namba Nan Nan, Takashimaya Departmental Store, Namba City, Namba Parks, Sennichimae, BIC Camera and Namba Walk.

I chose Namba Walk because it is connected to Shinsaibashi, it is underground and it has a good mix of over 250 shops. Another plus point is its proximity to BIC Camera, where I can get my nanoblock fix. Check out the merlion!

★ナノブロック NBM-011 海賊船  ナノブロック NBH-105 マーライオン ナノブロック ノイシュバンシュタイン城DX

Last but not least, Rikuro Ojisan cheesecake main branch is just diagonally across from BIC Camera.



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