Kyoto いち、に、さん、し、ご


Report just came in from Japan Guide that the autumn colours in Arashiyama have started.  Really hope I will be in time to catch the full explosion of colours, which is the highlight of visiting this no. 8 attraction in Kyoto.  Also in the itinerary is crossing over the Togetsukyo Bridge, strolling between the bamboo groves, riding on the Sagano Romantic Train and savouring eel at Hirokawa.


The no. 7 Kyoto attraction goes to Fushimi Inari Shrine. The highlight is to hike up the seemingly endless trail of torii gates to catch a view of Kyoto.

さん: 錦市場

Known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, Nishiki Market is where I am going to try tofu doughnuts at Konnyamonja, eel omelette at Miki Keiran, Kyonama-hu parfait at Kaneta cafe and perhaps get a knife from Aritsugu. At the end of the market is Shinkyogoku shopping street.  Not much information about it so it is exploration time.

Around the area are some well-known Kyoto sweet stores that may be worth a visit. Hayashi Manshodo (chocolate coated chestnuts), Daigokuden (castella cake), Giboshi (rice crackers) and Male Branche (matcha biscuits).


I love cobbled streets, wooden houses, quaint shops, the old charm sort of places.  Perhaps it is because I spent my early childhood in a pre-war shop-house and read lots of Enid Blyton books.  Which is why I find Gion and Higashiyama so appealing.

After reading so many blogs and reviews about this area in Kyoto, the thing that everyone talks about is matcha desserts. So which shop to visit?  There is Gion Koishi, Gion Kinana and Gion Tsujiri, just to name a few.  I think I will sit down at Koishi for a “Green tea chiffon parfait”, then visit Tsujiri to stock up on green tea powder, leaves and all kinds of matcha confectionery, and finally buy back to the apartment matcha ice-cream from Kinana.  Kill 3 birds with 1 stone!


I will end my evening in Kyoto with a visit to Kiyomizudera Temple for its fall illumination. Touted as one of the most celebrated temples in Japan and voted as the no. 3 attraction in Kyoto, this will be a spectacular finale to my 2 days in Kyoto.


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  1. I really enjoyed this. I highly rate Japan!


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