Affordable Eating in Ginza

In an earlier post, I wrote about 5 affordable food places in Ginza. Managed to try 3 – Cafe & Meal Muji, Daimaru Food Hall and Mitsukoshi Food Hall.

Although Muji opens at 10am, the dishes I wanted to try were only available after 11am. Still, the bread and soups were delicious. A tad expensive though, averaging $4.50 a piece. But I found out later in my trip that the price is about there, when I bought breakfast from Deli Cafe Kitchen,  Cookhouse and Johan.

Did not manage to browse the food hall in Daimaru. It was the day I have to catch the shinkansen to Osaka, so it was a quick pop-in to grab a bento to eat on the train. I was happy to discover that Maisen Tonkatsu, touted to be the best tonkatsu in Tokyo, had a stall there. Got a bento, a box of sandwiches and extra pieces of tonkatsu for the family. It was a pity the pieces of meat were cold although it was still tasty. Would have loved to eat it piping hot.

Mitsukoshi Food Hall was big. Went there to get lunch after a shopping spree at Muji, Loft and Uniqlo. Tired out from all the walking, and laden with so many shopping bags, resulted in no photos of the food hall. But the selection is great and the food is good. We had fried chicken, katsudon and a variety of tamago (layered Japanese omelette eaten plain or rolled with ingredients like eel, silver fish, seaweed, etc). A major plus point of this departmental store is the spacious roof-top garden where you can enjoy your lunch. If the weather is not ideal for a picnic lunch, there are tables and chairs indoors. Vending machines are available beside the lifts where you can get both hot and cold bottled drinks.

mitsukoshi ginza

*departmental stores have a grocery section either on the same level as the food hall or one level below. What I discovered is that the drinks selection is very poor and prices are high. So, get your drinks from vending machines. There are everywhere. Or get them from convenience stores like Family Mart, Lawsons or 7-11.


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