Tokyo Disney Sea – 4/5 Voyages

Guess which voyage did I miss out? Voyage of Terror. I decided that heights and free fall is really not for me.

But I’m happy to report that the other 4 voyages were super, duper good.

1. Voyage of Speed – Toy Story Mania

This is the best ride in Disney Sea! No wonder the queue can go up to 170 mins. Despite entering the theme park 10 mins after opening time, we managed to get the fastpass for 3.30 – 4.30 pm after a 20 min wait. Perhaps the gloomy weather forecast helped to deter people from visiting. Since this ride was so highly recommended, we decided to join the normal queue, a 90 min wait, after completing all the other rides. We timed it such that when we finish, we can quickly join the fastpass queue and go for a second round.

It was really worth all the waiting and definitely deserve going twice. At the end of the queue, we picked up a pair of 3D glasses, and were ushered to a 2-seater chair armed with 2 cannon launchers. Then off we went, supposedly under Andy’s bed, to play a series of 8-10 shooting games. By pulling the launchers, balls and rings will “fly out” and hit targets with points. At the end of the ride, the screen will show your score. Needless to say, my husband won both times.

2. Voyage of Songs

The King Triton’s Concert was a bit of a disappointment. They only sang the song,”Under The Sea”. Unless you really love Ariel, if not, you can give this a miss. Another show we caught was the Magic Lamp Theater. The staff gave us a device that displays English subtitles as the actors speak. But it was impossible to read and catch the action on stage at the same time, so we gave up using the translator.

The best show of the day was Fantasmic, a spectacular water and lights show at the Mediterranean Harbour in the evening. Try and get a good seat by the waterfront (we sat at the steps of Lido Isle) 30-45 mins before the show starts. Take away food and drinks from the nearby wagons like Liberty Landing Diner and Barnacle Bill’s for an evening picnic.

3. Voyage of Taste

I totally burst my taste buds eating my way through the park. And my top 3 – matcha latte with marshmallow and azuki, spicy smoked chicken leg and Yucatan sausage roll.

4. Voyage of Memories


No T-shirts this time as it was autumn and they were selling sweaters. So it is Duffy, Shelliemay and Gelatoni key chains, a mini pop-corn bucket and a box of jigsaw.

I’ve visited Tokyo Disney Sea in Spring and Autumn. Perhaps the next time I visit will be Summer or Winter?


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