Food Halls Galore

I remembered being wowed by the food halls of Takashimaya and Isetan in Shinjuku 5 years back. So this time round, I made it a point to visit as many depachika as I could. And, believe it or not, I visited 7 of them.

  • Mitsukoshi Ginza (Tokyo)
  • Daimaru Tokyo Station (Tokyo)
  • Daimaru Shinsaibashi (Osaka)
  • Hankyu Main Store (Osaka)
  • Isetan Osaka Station (Osaka)
  • Takashimaya Namba (Osaka)
  • Takashimaya Kawaramachi (Kyoto)


  • generally 3 sections – savory food, bakery and desserts, western and traditional confectionery.
  • savory food will usually consist of skewered meat, pork cutlet, sushi, variety of bento and salads (prawn and avocado, broccoli and scallops, to name a few).
  • no seating area, so you have to eat your food elsewhere. I tried the roof top garden of Mitsukoshi, Daimaru Osaka and Hankyu. The first one was the best. Other times, I brought the food back to the apartment or eat it on the train.
  • pretty crowded especially during closing time (8pm), when the stalls offer discounts.

The main difference among the food halls is the selection of western and traditional confectionery. If you want a particular brand of confectionery, you will need to know which departmental store has its outlet. Often, the websites are in Japanese, so it is difficult to figure out the location. But the fun is in exploring and discovering the different offerings at each food hall.

These 2 are bought from Takashimaya Kyoto (left) and Takashimaya Osaka (right). Malebranche Cha no Ka is exclusive to Kyoto. It is white chocolate sandwiched between two green tea cookies. Baton d’or is a classy version of Glico’s pocky sticks. I mentioned in a previous post that this was one of the gourmet snacks I wanted to try. It sure did not disappoint. The sugar butter tasted like rich butter cookies, the matcha was a balance of sweet and bitter and the purple potato was creamy. It was a pity I bought only 1 box of each flavour.

There were so many other confectionery brands I wanted to try. Until next time . . .


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