Favourite Japanese Eats Part 1 (Tokyo & Osaka)

The cold autumn wind, coupled with yummy food at every turn, made eating a constant pleasure throughout my trip. Here are my favourites:

1. Tokyo Disneyland

2. Tokyo Disney Sea

3. Osaka

 Uncle Rikuro cheesecake is really yummy. Light, fluffy, moist and the raisins at the bottom add a nice sweet touch. I wrote about the “cheesecake war” between Pablo and Rikuro. Well, I tried both and my choice is Rikuro. Pablo is also nice but it gets jelak (tired of the taste) half-way through. Perhaps the custard like cheese filling is too sweet.

 Naruto Taiyaki’s sweet potato taiyaki was the best out of the 6 I’ve eaten during the trip. I’ve tried the one with custard filling and also with red bean filling at Tokyo Tower, the taiyaki with chestnut filling at Tokyo Solamachi (level 2, usukawataiyaki ginnoan), a custard filling one from a street vendor at Minoo Park and another custard taiyaki from a roadside stall at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Naruto’s taiyaki was so good that I went specially to the Namba outlet on my last day in Osaka. Alas, the stall only opens at 11am, and my airport limousine bus was leaving at 11am. Sob, sob…

Shofukuan’s Choice Kuromon Pudding Shofukuan’s pudding at Kuromon Ichiba Market is the smoothest pudding I’ve ever eaten. Not that I am a lover of puddings but this one was really very good. Later into the trip, I tried a matcha one in Kyoto and three more (coffee, caramel and strawberry) from the famous Kobe Pudding brand. None could beat Shofukuan. I guess processed puddings can never outdo freshly made ones.

k_m.jpg レアチーズ  Manneken’s purple sweet potato waffle and rare cheese waffle sandwich were so good that I contemplated hand carrying them back when I saw their outlet at Itami Airport. Too bad I had to transit 2 hours in Narita Airport instead of flying direct to Singapore. The chocolate marble and maple syrup waffles were good too.

We wanted to visit Sushizanmai’s head store at Tsukiji Fish Market but we ended up eating at another restaurant. So for our final night in Osaka, we tracked down their branch in Dotonbori. I must say it was a delicious last dinner. The sashimi was very fresh, the shishamo was the best I have eaten and the miso clam soup was superb. To top it off, my meal for 5 people only cost $145 (including tax).

If all these food have tingled your taste buds, read Part 2 of my favourite Japanese eats in Kyoto.


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