Favourite Japanese Eats Part 2 (Kyoto)

Only 2 days in Kyoto, yet the list of delicious food I like is as long as the 8 days I spent in Tokyo and Osaka (Part 1).

1. Nishiki Market

Miki Keiran serves melt-in-your-mouth Dashimaki Japanese style egg roll. I tried the one with unagi (eel) and it was excellent. It was a pity I did not try their latest offering – Egg Yolk Anpan Bread Roll. Read about it only after my trip.

             Kyoto-Tsukimachian is a store that sells bean rice crackers. The chef makes it on the spot and you can try samples of different beans. You can tell from the pictures which is my favourite. My mom commented it was the best snack among all the goodies I bought home.

2. Takashimaya (Kawaramachi)

In Food Halls Galore, I wrote about the 7 depachika I visited. Well, my favourite is Takashimaya in Kawaramachi, Kyoto. Among the savoury food items I tried, what stood out was the miso and ginger chicken chops from the stall that sells skewered meat. Another was a type of futomaki. Instead of a seaweed outer layer, the rice was rolled within a thin layer of sponge cake. For desserts, I tried a slice of apple pie from Gramercy New York. Light and not too sweet. And then there are the confectionery stalls. If you like stick biscuits, or matcha cookies with white chocolate, then try Baton d’or and Cha no Ka.

3. Kyoto Station

I had 2 wonderful meals at the restaurant level (11th floor) of Isetan at Kyoto Station. I thought it would be expensive but both turned out to be very affordable.


Tonkatsu Wako serves pork cutlets that were meaty and not oily, and the fried oysters were super succulent. I had 2 refills of the crunchy and refreshing cabbage with yuzu dressing, and 3 refills of the baby clam miso soup. All these for only 2,000 yen.

Ante Caffe is an Italian restaurant. I was there for dinner and they were offering a set menu for 2,500 yen. You get to select an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert and either bread or rice. I chose a tomato salad with soup, grill salmon and a tiramisu. The rest of my group had pizza, pasta, roast pork and red snapper stew. All the dishes were delicious.

4. Ujicha Gion Tsujiri (Shijo Dori)


Gion Tsujiri is supposedly one of the famous matcha houses in Kyoto. My group wanted to try the parfaits in the main store cafe but the queue was just too long. So we had to contend with a take away – matcha latte with matcha soft serve topped with matcha cookie crumbles. Simply heavenly. Before leaving the shop, we bought a box of instant matcha latte and a box of Gateau Bubu Matcha and Hojicha Financiers. I have yet to try the latte but the financiers are divine.

There are still lots of food places I have yet to try. Definitely worth another visit. Maybe this time, I will stay in Kyoto instead of traveling to and fro Osaka.




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