Favourite Japanese Mementos

Autumn in Japan is a gorgeous canvas of red hues.
Minoo Park in Osaka
Arashiyama in Kyoto
Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto
Kokoen Garden in Himeji

Photos aside, my girls came up with a brilliant keepsake idea.

Step 1: Search for pretty maple leaves on the ground. If none can be found, pluck from the trees.

Step 2: Line the leaves between sheets of paper. Compress them under our suitcase.

Step 3: Buy a photo frame from Daiso.

Step 4: Buy a photo album and some brown paper from Muji.

Step 5: Use the leaves to create 2 beautiful mementos.


The Japanese never fail to amaze me with their ability to make anything cute. Even something dignified like Himeji Castle has an adorable mascot.


I am not into stuffed toys and figurines so I bought a handphone accessory. Chose my wedding date to commemorate 15 years of marriage.


I have blogged a fair bit about Tokyo Disney. Fixing the two jigsaw puzzles helped me relive the wonderful time I had there. And the completed pieces make excellent mementos.

“Running Man”, a hit Korean variety programme, is one of my family’s favourite shows. Several episodes featured a pop-up pirate toy which we were thinking of getting. Imagine our delight when my husband found a Star Wars version of the toy at Loft.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was the Halloween and Christmas 2015 theme for the Haunted House in Tokyo Disneyland. The park did not have much merchandise on it. But Disney Store Japan had a collection of bags, accessories and even clothing.

These three items caught my attention while I was browsing the Disney’s web-store back in Singapore. Was looking forward to getting them in Japan but to my great disappointment, they were sold out at the stores in Ikspiari and Shinsaibashi. Then during an impromptu shopping trip at Hep Five, we spotted a Disney store. Walking in, I spotted the evening bag on the shelf. It was the last piece retailing at 50% discount! The feeling was like winning the top prize in a lucky draw.


There were other mementos from the trip. But those featured in this post are my favourites.


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  1. I like the Star wars!


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