Day 3 – Bicheno

Map of Freycinet including Coles bay Wineglass bay Bicheno Great oyster bay etc

Bicheno is a seaside town 3o mins drive from Coles Bay. We were advised to fish at a jetty along the Gulch. Turned out that the Gulch referred to the waters between the main island and Governor Island.

We found the jetty and right beside it was Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods. If the fishing fails, we have a back-up plan for dinner! After an hour of braving strong winds and battling the strong currents pulling the fishing line, we called it a day. We left with no fish and no dinner because the take-away counter was closed by then.

gulch (2) gulch seafoof (2)

The girls were very disappointed. So while my husband prepared dinner (chicken soup, sausages and roast chicken) with the groceries we bought yesterday, my dad and brother took the girls to the jetty outside our cottage. And my older girl caught a fish! So the day ended happy, almost, until the fish died and we fed it to the seagulls.

Alluvion Beach Cottage: Alluvion Beach Cottage in Coles Bay

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