Day 5 -Cradle Mountain Horse Riding

The sky was grey and gloomy when we awoke in the morning. Would our scheduled horse riding be cancelled? We made our way to Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge to await our guides, two ladies, one Australian and the other French. They assured us that the ride will go on unless the weather turn nasty. We left in a four-wheel pick-up that took us to the stables. There, we fitted ourselves with waterproof jackets and pants, and fastened safety helmets. Check out our horses.

cradle horse (2).jpg

cradle horse 1 (2)cradle horse 2 (2)

It took a while for all of us to get dressed, especially the kids. Lots of folding and rolling up of sleeves and pants as the outer wear provided was for adults. Finally, we were ready to mount the horses. This was done outdoors with the help of tyres.

cradle horse 3 (2).jpg

It was pretty scary to be up on a horse, at least for me. Worse when the horse bend over for a drink of water. Which was what happened to me. My horse seemed to be the only thirsty one.

Once everyone was properly mounted, we started a slow trot uphill through the bush land. The picture below is not my group since we could not bring our camera with us. But that was the path we took, minus the beautiful weather.

cradle ride (2).jpg

It started to drizzle after a while. Then when we reached the top of the hill, it rained ice! That ended our horse riding experience. We did not get to see the mountains like the picture below. We had to turn our horses back and return to the stables.

cradle ride 1 (2)

Lesson learnt – only go horse riding if the weather is good.

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