Day 5 -Wombat Hunting

What kept us going, especially during the tail end of the Dove Lake walk, was the anticipation of a scrumptious buffet dinner at Cradle Mountain Hotel’s Quoll’s Restaurant. On our way there, my brother sighted a wombat but we were too famished to make a stop, much to the disappointment of my younger girl. We promised to return after dinner.

There was still daylight at 8pm when we drove back to the same spot where the wombat was seen, which was along the road between Ronny Creek and Dove Lake. We parked our van at the side of the road and scanned the entire buttongrass moorland for wombats. The picture below was what we were looking at for a while before something caught our eye. Can you spot the wombat?

wombat (2)

At first, I thought it was just a big rock but then it started to move.

wombat 2 (2).jpg

Wombats can move pretty fast and it was not easy to get a clear shot of it. They are also rather sensitive to sound. When we tried to go closer, it ran into the forest.

wombat 3 (2)

wombat 1 (2)

This was the last shot we took of the wombat, with its bum towards us. Wombat hunting was a success.

wombat 4 (2)

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