Day 6 – Strahan’s “The Ship That Never Was”

Leaving Cradle Mountain, we began the second half of our Tassie trip. Instead of driving non-stop to Hobart, we made a slight detour and stayed a night at Strahan, a village nestled on the shores of Macquarie Harbour. There were two attractions that piqued our interest – Tasmania’s longest running play, “The Ship That Never Was” and a boat cruise up the Gordon River to the World Heritage Wilderness.

The drive to Strahan was pretty straightforward. The only challenge was finding a rest stop for some food and a toilet break. I searched the internet and could only find a Rosebery Bakehouse. It turned out to be a no frills bakery cum cafe that served very good pies.

strahan (2)

Our accommodation for the night was at Strahan Bungalows, where we booked 2 self contained units, each with 2 bedrooms. The whole place had a nautical feel to it, from the colour scheme to the use of lifebuoy for decor.

strahan room (2)

We had time to rest before driving into town to catch the 5.30pm performance of,”The Ship That Never Was“. The play was held in a sheltered amphitheatre along the docks near the Visitor Centre. We were told before the start of the show that the story involved 10 convicts living on Sarah Island. Since there were only 2 cast members, the other 8 would have to come from the audience, and my dad was chosen to be one of them. The one over hour play was interactive and entertaining from start to finish, with a surprising twist at the end.

strahan play (2)

Dinner was at Bushman’s Bar, Cafe & Accommodation. Read very good reviews about the food and frankly, we did not have many choices in this small town. The other popular place was Risby Cove. Further away from town and pricier.

strahan dinner (2)

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