Day 7 – An Iron Blow, An Echidna and An Eerie House

It was past 2pm when we left Strahan. We did not plan to make any stops during the four and a half drive, except when nature calls, as we wanted to check in first before having dinner. Well, like most free and easy trips, what actually take place very often differ from what was planned.

hobart (2)

Our first stop was a lookout point off the Lyell Highway, between Queenstown and Gormanston. It says Copper Mines of Tasmania on Google Map but it is actually called Iron Blow Lookout, a former open cut mine. After parking our van, we ventured onto the viewing platform

and looked down into a ginormous crater like hole.

Standing on the outermost tip of the platform was both terrifying and exhilarating. There was this fear of falling down mixed with this feeling of being on top of the world.

For those who find the silence boring, try shouting down into the iron blow and hear the echoes ripple across the surrounding mountain ranges.

Our second stop started out as a simple toilet break at Lake St Clair Visitor Centre but along the way, one of us spotted an echidna so we pulled over to the side of the road for a closer look. It was super shy and scurried away when we tried to approach it.

The visitor centre turned out to be a pretty nice place with exhibits that show the history of the lake, picnic and camping areas and walking trails. Remember the Overland Track we saw at Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Circuit? The one with no return time? Well,  this centre is the end point for the 65km walk from Cradle Mountain.

We would have loved to explore the centre and the shorter walking trails but it was getting late and we still had some distance to cover. Leaving Lake St Clair, it was non-stop driving all the way to Hobart city centre in search of dinner.

After having Western food for so many days, we were craving for something Asian. As our van cruised along Liverpool Street in the heart of Hobart, we spotted the word, “Sakura” on the glass panel of one of the shops. We immediately stopped to check. Turned out to be a sushi and noddle bar. Rice and hor fun never tasted so good.


It was close to 9pm when we got the key to our rented house on 42 Grosvenor Street. It is a heritage listed house and looked really gorgeous on the website. Check out the pictures.


Unfortunately for us who arrived at night, the house did not look as cheery as the photos. When I went through the metal gate leading to the front door, the gate slammed shut behind me and got stuck. We tried pushing and pulling but it refused to budge. I had no choice but to enter the house alone and try to find the back door so the rest of the family could come in. It was super creepy to explore an enclosed, unknown place all by myself. I went round to turn on all the switches, flooding the whole house with lights so that it felt less eerie. Finally found my way to the back and opened the other door.

Everyone loved the spacious house with  its two living rooms and huge kitchen. Everyone except my brother who was totally freaked out by the place. When he climbed upstairs to check out the two bedrooms, he was horrified to find a little door on the wall in each of them. Spotted the doors?

He refused to sleep in either of the rooms and chose instead to spend the next four nights on the sofa downstairs.


It was a long day for everyone. Despite all the excitement, we all had a wonderful night rest. At least I did.


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