Day 5 – Honbetsu, Obihiro

Washo Market

I imagine it’ll be quite a novelty to carry a bowl of rice and go round choosing all kinds of sashimi to make your own chirashi, or katte-don as known in Kushiro. First seafood market of the trip.

Tancho (Japanese Cranes)

Crane watching at Tsurui, Tsuruimidai, Otowa and Hokuto before leaving Kushiro for Obihiro.

Ukifune @ Honbetsu

Seafood for breakfast. Pork steak for lunch at Unifune in Honbetsu, a town between Kushiro and Obihiro.

Pork Steak -Ukifune-

Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden

Situated at the outskirts of Obihiro is the headquarters of one of Hokkaido’s famed confectionaries, Ryugetsu. Here I’ll be able to buy freshly made sanporoku (baumkuchen made from milk chocolate and white chocolate, representing white birch bark), and taste garden crepe only sold in Sweetpia.

三方六   ガーデンクレープ


Well known for its Marusei Butter Sand, Strawberry Choco White and Yukiyakonko, Rokkatei is another well-known Hokkaido confectionery whose head office is right in the heart of Obihiro. Although it has stores all over Hokkaido, only the main shop allows you to buy individual packs of the treats.


The shop may be called cranberry but what it sells is sweet potato pastries and soft-serve. I love sweet potato so I’ll try to visit the outlet in Esta within the JR Obihiro station, opposite my hotel Nikko Northland. Apparently its best seller, simply called Sweet Potato, sells out by 3pm.



Besides being a sweets kingdom, Obihiro is also known for its butadon (grilled pork with sweet sauce over rice). The most famous is Panchou. But with a group of 10 and not everyone likes pork, I decided to go Hageten for dinner. The restaurant not only serves butadon, it also has tempura, sashimi and many other Japanese dishes.



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