Thurs, 26/11/15 – Tokyo Disney Sea

The sky was still gloomy from yesterday’s rain but it did not dampen our mood for Disney Sea. All of us were looking forward to the newest craze – Toy Story Mania. Our “not into theme park” friend raved about it and actually queued for a second ride. This speaks volumes about the attraction.

Our plan was to arrive before the gates open at 8 am and dash in for the Toy Story fastpass. Alas, we overslept and were 10 mins late. A horde of people was already at Toysville but surprisingly, we got the fastpass within 20 mins. Our time slot was 3.30-4.30 pm so off we went to explore the rest of the park.

This was my family’s 3rd time to Disney Sea but a first for our friend. To make sure she got to try all the popular rides – Journey to the Center of the Earth, Indiana Jones, Raging Spirits and Tower of Terror, my husband ran about to get all the fastpasses.

Journey to the Center of the Earth-2

Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull-2

Raging Spirits-1

Tower of Terror-3

Thanks to the overcast skies, the park was not packed and we could walk about leisurely and admire the surroundings.

Having sat most of the rides during the last 2 visits (except Tower of Terror and Raging Spirits which I decided to give them a miss again), my focus this time was on food. And I am happy to say I tried everything I wanted.

Whether savoury or sweet, all were good except the banana and caramel burrito. The combination sounded promising but it tasted bland. The best was the matcha latte with azuki beans and heart shaped marshmallow. So good that I drank 2 cups. Must be the chilly weather that made sipping a hot sweet drink so satisfying.

Anyone who visits Tokyo Disney knows about the many flavours of popcorn that comes in beautiful buckets. During our previous trips, we tried strawberry, curry, soy sauce butter, honey and milk tea. At that time, I was enthralled by Duffy and could not resist getting both the Spring and Christmas Duffy theme buckets (I visited Tokyo Disney in June and November 2010).

Image result for duffy popcorn bucket 2010 Image result for duffy popcorn bucket 2010

This time I managed to resist buying the bucket. But it was so adorable! And it came as a set, with a miniature bucket for your Duffy or ShellieMay.

Limited Menu for Duffy’s 10th Anniversary “Journeys With Duffy Your Friend Forever”

Unlike the previous visits, we got to watch 3 shows this time round – King Triton’s Concert, Magic Lamp Theater and Fantasmic.

King Triton's Concert-1

The Magic Lamp Theater-1


Our favourite was Fantasmic, a night water show at the Mediterranean Harbour filled with laser beams, fire, lights and many other special effects. Remember to go early and get good seats by the harbour steps for an unblocked view of the entire show. It is worth the wait.

Now for the much anticipated ride of the day – Toy Story Mania! I mentioned earlier that our fastpass time slot was 3.30 – 4.30 pm. Well, we were done with the other attractions by 3 pm so we dropped by Toysville to check out the queue. The estimated waiting time on the signboard was 90 mins. We decided to join the normal queue and hopefully make it out in time to go for another round using our fastpass.

Toy Story Mania!-1
Everything in this picture is accurate except when we were there, the whole place was packed with people.
Toy Story Mania!-2
In essence, the ride is a shooting competition between you and your partner. Check out this site for a detailed description of the ride.

Toy Story Mania was INCREDIBLE! It was without a doubt the best ride in the entire Tokyo Disney Resort. We came out with only 5 mins to spare before our fastpass ran out. We hurriedly show our tickets to the attendant and went straight back in for another round of exhilarating cannon ball firing. Even though our arms ached from continuously pulling the cannon string, no one regretted going twice.

It was getting dark when we left Toysville. We decided to head straight for the Mediterranean Harbour to get good seats for Fantasmic. Having missed the show twice in the past because we were late in getting to the waterfront, we did not want to make the same mistake again.

After the spectacular show, we hit the stores for memorabilia. We did most of our shopping at McDuck’s Department Store that carries a wide range of goods including Duffy merchandise.


Duffy, Shellie May and Gelatoni Stuffed Badges ¥2,000 each Duffy, Shellie May and Gelatoni Straps ¥1,900Candy ¥1,300iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Smart Phone Case ¥3,800

I got all of the above except the phone cover. It was really pretty but my daughters just bought me a cover for my birthday. No point having two.

Decided to skip the fireworks display and have dinner at Ikspiari Kitchen, a food court at Ikspiari Mall Level 1. Food is cheaper than in Disney. Variety wise is the usual mix of Japanese and Western. Opposite the food court is a supermarket where we got drinks. Really love the many choices of bottled tea.


Final stop for the day was the Disney store at the mall. Today was the first day release for the Frozen range of Tsum Tsum. Having accepted orders to buy them via Airfrov, I thought I better get them before they were sold out.


We caught sight of the fireworks as we were leaving the store. What a beautiful way to end the day.

Disney Store @ Ikspiari Mall

Travel Tips:

  1. Disney Sea is quite a distance walk from Maihama Station. Best is to take the resort monorail. So do factor a longer traveling time.
  2. See my other travel tips in the Disneyland post. They apply to Disney Sea as well.

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