5 Days Japan Nov 2010 Itinerary


This was my second Japan trip for the year. My earlier trip was in June led by my sister-in-law who has traveled often to Japan. I took note of how she arranged the accommodation and transport, the places we went, and planned a trip for my family, parents and siblings. The following itinerary is pretty similar to the first trip.

Day 1: Hakone

  • arrive at Haneda International Airport
  • take 6.45 am airport limousine bus to Shinjuku Station
  • breakfast at the station
  • collect our Romance Car train tickets, hotel booking and Hakone freepass from Odakyu Sightseeing Centre
  • take 10 am train to Hakone Yumoto Station
  • board 100 yen/person shuttle bus to Hotel Nanpuso for check-in
  • shuttle bus to bus terminal to take bus K to Moto-Hakone for lunch
  • catch 2.30 pm pirate ship across Lake Ashi to Togendai
  • ropeway to Sounzan
  • tram to Gora
  • train to Hakone Yumoto Station
  • shuttle bus to hotel for onsen and dinner

Day 2: Hakone

  • hotel buffet breakfast
  • shuttle bus to bus terminal to take bus T to Hakone Glass no Mori
  • bus T to Togendai to take pirate ship to Hakone-machi for lunch

  • walk to Moto-Hakone via Cedar Avenue to take bus R back to Hakone Yumoto Station

  • onsen and dinner back at hotel

Day 3: Akasaka

  • hotel buffet breakfast and check-out
  • take Romance Car to Shinjuku Station
  • take subway to Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu for check-in
  • take subway to Akihabara to check out Anime Centre and have dinner

Day 4: Disneyland

  • check-out and take hotel shuttle bus to Disneyland
  • check-in Sheraton Grande at Disney Resort Welcome Centre
  • buy 2-day Disney passport

Day 5: Disney Sea

  • check-out and store away luggage
  • hotel shuttle bus to Disney Sea
  • take 6.35 pm airport limousine bus from hotel to Haneda International Airport

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