Day 7, Thurs 8 Dec 16 – Tomamu

A full day at Tomamu. Nobody wanted to take ski lessons so we took our time to explore the resort and just chill.

First things first, breakfast. Those with a huge appetite or who like a wide variety of food can choose to have buffet at HAL or Nininupri. The other option is breakfast set at selected restaurants at Foresta Mall like Grill King.20161207_105107119_iosMy group chose buffet so we took the Sky Walk path to Nininupri.20170217_094132282_iosThe food stations were all centralised near the entrance of the restaurant. A few steps down and it’s the seating area. We were early so managed to get window seats overlooking snow capped pine trees.20161207_222436262_ios

My tray of food

Image may contain: food
My sister’s tray of food

My husband’s tray of food
The buffet spread was not as lavish as HAPO at Lake Akan. Nonetheless, we had a satisfying breakfast. And since the weather was quite clear, we cut short our chit chat to visit Unkai Terrace or Terrace of Frost Trees (雲海平台). We caught the shuttle bus outside Nininupri (bus stop I) and alighted at bus stop B, which was the Resort Centre (度假村中心). 20170217_100919210_iosImage may contain: sky and outdoorTo get to the terrace, we needed to take a gondola that cost 2,200 yen per adult for a two-way ride.20161207_234236818_ios20161207_234436891_iosimg_2469Four could fit into one gondola and up we went.20161207_235521000_iosIt was freezing cold standing on the viewing platform at the top of Mount Tomamu. I managed to take one last photo before my iphone 6 went dead. This was the second time my phone switched off by itself even though there was sufficient battery. It’s definitely the weather because it was also awfully cold when it happened the first time at Sounkyo20161208_000204146_iOS.jpgAt first we thought the platform was it. But I recalled seeing a circular structure protruding out of the mountain. So we went in search for it despite feeling almost frozen. And ta-da…img_2528IMG_2529.JPGimg_2532The view from the platform was spectacular. We could see our hotel, the Tower, and almost the entire resort. img_2530The clouds were clearing when we took the gondola back down. One lesson I’ve learnt from this trip is that the weather in Hokkaido can change real fast. img_2563From the Resort Centre, we took the shuttle bus to Mina-Mina Beach (bus stop C), one stop away. It wasn’t opened yet but a very kind staff member let us in so we could be out of the cold. img_2579It’s basically a huge indoor heated swimming complex. And somewhere within the building there’s also an onsen pool. We weren’t really looking to swim. Just wanted to see what the place was like.

We hopped onto the next shuttle bus that brought us back to the hotel. And right at the lobby was the reindeer petting area. The reindeer sleigh wasn’t in operation so all we could do was to take photos with the reindeer.Image may contain: outdoorSee the glass covered walkway in the picture above? That’s Sky Walk leading to Foresta Mall, where we had our lunch. This time we tried Menya Miyabi.20161208_032950396_iOS.jpg20161208_035541785_iOS.jpgHow was the ramen?20161217_150305000_iosGood to the very last drop of soup. Rarely does my girl slurp down an entire bowl of ramen. The rest of the day was spent tobogganing at the child sled course situated at the back of the hotel. It’s free. Just pick up any of the plastic sled on the ground and whiz down the rather gentle slope.   20161208_063508961_iOSDinner was back at Menya Miyabi but this time we tried the curry rice. Not too bad but their ramen was definitely better.20161208_091518082_iOS


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