Day 13, Wed 14 Dec 16 – Sapporo (Mt Moiwa, Parco, Sapporo Clock Tower)

Everyone enjoyed yesterday’s breakfast so we headed out to JR Sapporo Station once again to try out another cafe – Pronto IL Bar.20161214_010246980_iOSPronto is a cafe chain in Japan with several brand names, one of which is IL Bar. This particular outlet was located at ESTA B1F. You could order their breakfast sets like the ham and cheese I took or a la carte sandwiches.20161214_001850425_iOSAfter a hearty meal, instead of walking to Odori Station via the underground passage Chi-Ka-Ho, we took the subway from Sapporo and alighted one station later at Odori. From there we walked to Nishi yon chome Station to take the streetcar to Ropeway iriguchi Station. route_map_jp

Boarding the streetcar traveling on the inner loop

Getting off at Ropeway iriguchi, we found a map that directed us to the Mt Moiwa shuttle bus stop.20161214_021631218_iOS20161214_021701096_iOS20161214_022803983_iOSIt was a short ride to the base of Mt Moiwa. There we took the lift up to the ticket counter. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy and the TV monitor showed a very foggy summit. Even the staff advised us not to take the cable car up. We hung around for a while hoping that the skies would clear but it didn’t so we just took pictures with Mt Moiwa mascot, Morris and left with a 2017 calendar that featured a beautiful night scene at the summit of Mt Moiwa.IMG_2902.JPG20170517_135857539_iOS.jpgBack at Odori, I brought the group to Parco shopping mall after having read about the Foodies Market at B2F. Alas, it was a small area with limited seats, more for take away than dine-in. So we went up to the 8th floor restaurant level.

There weren’t many restaurants to choose from. After checking out various menus, we decided on SHELF. The food looked good and the price was very reasonable.20161214_040334632_iOS20161214_041612682_iOS20161214_041616751_iOS20161214_041620424_iOSThe food was as delicious as it looked although I thought the Omlet Rice Plate was the least worth it. My husband ordered a latte and it came with the tiniest jug of milk. Super cute!20161214_130604.jpg20161214_131052.jpgWhile writing this post, I visited Parco’s website and found that a Kiki & Lala Cafe opened on Level 4 in March this year. Fans of Little Twin Stars can visit this cafe by THE GUEST cafe & diner. The other cafe is at Shibuya.  

After lunch was shopping time. While the rest checked out anime shops, I headed to B1F and discovered Plaza, a shop selling all kinds of knick-knacks, perfect for getting gifts. There was Heinz Wally Ketchup and Star Wars merchandise. The best part was I found my iphone cover.20161214_051157103_iOS20161214_051300290_iOS20170519_085952235_iOS.jpgAnd since it was nearing Christmas, the store provided gift bags and tags.20161219_103637142_iOSFrom Parco, we headed to the underground Sapporo Chikagai that led us to Odori Station and continued walking through Sapporo Chi-Ka-Ho towards Sapporo Station. Half-way, I saw the exit for Sapporo Clock Tower and decided to see it. I was going to get the nanoblock for it and to build without seeing the real thing didn’t feel right.

How does the brick version compare with the actual building? Pretty similar. By the way, I didn’t get the nanoblock in Sapporo. It was sold out and the shop assistant told me they stopped production. Fortunately, I found it back in Singapore at Kinokuniya.

Before returning to the hotel to pack our bags, we visited one more store, Donguri Republic at Paseo Center B1F to buy…20170519_104847714_iOS.jpgWe also walked ESTA food basement one more round in search of desserts and found 108 Matcha Saro.20161214_062603613_iOS.jpgIt was a challenge packing our luggage. Thankfully, I bought a foldable bag from Donguri. It was very spacious and could fit all the purchases we want to hand carry up the plane.

Our final dinner in Sapporo was at Mia Angela, an Italian restaurant on the 8th floor of Daimaru. This was one of few places that could accommodate all 10 of us in a single table. The food was average and the portions small. Not a very memorable dinner.

On our way back we chanced upon Pokemon Center Sapporo. We tried finding it at ESTA not knowing it has recently moved to Daimaru. Some in the group were delighted. I was happy to browse and get a free souvenir card.20161214_112130774_iOS.jpgWe ended our last night walking back to the hotel covered in snow!20161214_114234007_iOS.jpg


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