Hokkaido I Saw, I Ate, I Bought

Some go on free and easy trips armed with a detailed itinerary. Others adopt an adventurous spirit and only decide what to do when they arrive. The rest fall in between these two extremes. Personally, I’m skewed towards the detailed end of the spectrum. Besides itinerary, I like to come up with lists of where to eat and what to buy. Often things go according to plan and expectations are met. But there are also disappointments and surprises.

I like to end off my trip posts with a review of my favourites. They are often a good mix of things planned and unexpected. For my recent Hokkaido trip, I made lists for sights, food and souvenirs. My favourites?   


1. Snow Covered Furano 20161202_214221762_ios2. Penguin Parade @ Asahiyama Zoo IMG_1842.JPG 3. Lakes

Frozen Lake Taisetsu
Tranquil Lake Akan
Mysterious Lake Mashu
Stormy Lake Shikotsu

4. View from Unkai Terrace @ Tomamuimg_2529img_25305. Ninja @ Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura

Image may contain: one or more people and people on stage
Ninja Show
Ninja Maze
Ninja Butt

6. Sapporo White Illumination @ Odori ParkIMG_2878.JPG


1. Butadon @ Pancho and Kumaushi

5 butadon – Tsubetsu Seiyouken, Kumaushi, Pancho, Ippin, Meijin

2. Ukifune Pork Steak @ Honbetsu20161206_045444551_ios

3. Pudding

Miso pudding from Pan de Pan
sake pudding horo 酔プリン from New Chitose Airport

4. Cream Puff

Mt Oakan (custard cream) and Mt Meakan (bitter caramel custard cream) from Pan de Pan
Kitakaro puffs

5. Beef

ローストビーフ星 @ Food Forest, RERA Outlet Mall
Tamura @ Odori Bisse

6. Milk Tea

7. Seafood @ Syake-Banya, Kushiroimg_228020161205_234115787_ios

8. Cheese Imo Mochi @ Lake Shikotsu20161211_114910


1. Treats20161217_023757778_iOS.jpg

Favourite treat #1 – Rokkatei 大平原
Favourite treat #2 – Amato Marron Coron
Favourite treat #3 – St. Cousair red tea jam retailing @ Kuze Fuku store

2. Bags20161219_102407182_iOS

Favourite – Using as work bag for file and laptop

3. DiaryTook me almost an hour in Loft before I finally decided to get this 3 year diary. I was hunting around for an annual one but just couldn’t find one I like. I was hoping to get a Laura Ashley 2017 like the 2016 below but not available.

4. iphone6 Cover20170519_085952235_iOSLoved this cover from Plaza @ Parco Sapporo. Sadly, my iphone6 went dead a few days after I returned from this trip. I believe the cold weather ruined the battery. I got a iphone7 to replace my old phone, rendering this pretty cover useless.

5. CardsI forgot all about getting postcards at every attraction. These are free ones I collected as and when I remember.

6. StampsThis trip made me realise that Japan is more into stamps than postcards. They are great souvenirs although sometimes it takes a few attempts to get the perfect stamp. Best of all, they are free!

So this post concludes my wonderful Hokkaido trip. I would love to visit again, perhaps at a different season to experience another side of Hokkaido.


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