Lunch in Melaka

Wild Coriander

Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: people sitting, table and indoor Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoorImage may contain: food No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.Beautiful interior. Super friendly waiter. We took his advice and ordered all the signature dishes except the rojak.

Image may contain: food
Yummy filling but pie tee cup wasn’t crispy. Baba Charlie’s kueh pie tee was nicer.
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Wild Coriander Special (Beef Rendang) comes with 4 different types of rice. Hot favourite is the yellow tumeric rice.
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Fragrant and tasty non spicy dry mee siam for my younger daughter.
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My kind of laksa – not too spicy and very lemak (coconutty).
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Pandan salted egg custard layered cake. Nice texture but rather bland. Can’t really taste the pandan nor the salted egg.
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Kueh Ketayup with coconut ice-cream for those who like very sweet desserts.

Overall a wonderful place for a meal. It’s quite a distance to walk from the main Jonker Street area but if you drive, there’s open air parking just outside the restaurant. Remember to display parking coupon. If you don’t have, buy from the shop directly opposite the restaurant. No automatic alt text available.

The Baboon House

Press the door bell and a staff will open the gate and direct you to a table. The inside of Baboon House is very rustic with overhanging vines, cement walls, vintage furniture and ethnic art pieces. No photography allowed except for the food.

The place is known for its burgers. While the rest ordered the usual beef and lamb burgers, my daughter and I ordered the Aloha Porkchop and Aloha Pork Belly Cheeseburgers.

Aloha Porkchop Burger

The pork belly was equally good. It’s not roasted like our Chinese 烧肉. More stewed like 扣肉. The drinks were also great. I was torn between lemongrass and logan. In the end I chose …

Very refreshing and thirst quenching

There’s no nearby parking. My family actually walked from Hotel Equatorial, which wasn’t too bad. We cut through Dataran Pahlawan Mall, come out at Umno Museum then cross over the canal to Jonker.


Xiang Ji Satay House

I like my satay sweet which is our typical Singapore satay. My family prefer this Hainanese version where the meat is slightly seasoned and the taste comes from the sauce. We ordered a mix of pork, liver, small intestine and chicken. I must say that after a while, the flavour got to me and I quite enjoyed it. The rice is much stickier than ours. You can barely see the grains.

Right beside the shop is Christina Ee, famous for its pineapple tarts. Apparently this is where they make the tarts. They have a retail shop in Jonker.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

A shot of the queue for chicken rice taken from inside H&M.

Ok this is the famous chicken rice ball that everyone makes a point to eat when they visit Melaka. There are a couple more places that sell similar fare but this supposedly tastes the best. Well, I’m not a chicken rice fan so I’m eating for nostalgia.

We arrived at around 11 am so the queue wasn’t that long and we managed to get a parking lot inside Hard Rock Cafe, just beside the coffee shop.


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