Snack in Melaka

Jonker 88

Chendol, one of my favourite Asian desserts and the best ones are found in Melaka. I’ve heard so much about Jonker 88 chendol so it’s a must try. Well, it’s huge, has plenty of ingredients and comes with super thick gula melaka. Can’t put my finger to it but it’s not my kind of chendol.

Christina Ee

Supposedly the HQ where the pineapple tarts are made. The shop is right next to Xiang Ji Satay House.
Retail shop at Jonker Street
3 types of pineapple tarts. Highly recommended is the one on the extreme right.
This is supposedly the nicest because it has the most butter and is the most expensive of the 3. 

We bought our first bottle of pineapple tarts after lunch at Xiang Ji Satay House. We opened and tried immediately. The pastry was crumbly and buttery, and the pineapple wasn’t too sweet. We returned to the shop and bought another bottle. The next day when we walked past the other outlet at Jonker Street, my friend went in and got another bottle. It was a pity we didn’t try the chendol. We were too full from lunch at The Baboon House.

Baba Charlie

Super narrow driveway to a small open space for parking.

At 12.30 pm, that’s all the kueh left. So go early if you want more variety.
Of the 24 types of kueh, we tried 10. Worth eating are nos. 3,4,7,9,10,16,18,24. The only ones that disappoint are nos. 1 and 12.
Staff making the super delicious ondeh ondeh and kueh dadar which we decided not to buy after looking at our full basket.
Both the popiah and kueh pai tee were good.
Our basket of goodies.
We steamed the nyonya chang in the hotel room using the rice cooker we brought.
The texture and taste of the rice was good, much better than East & West Rendezvous. A pity the filing wasn’t as good. 

Bikini Toppings

Bikini Signature Ice-cream
Bikini Signature Shake

Go for the shake. It’s refreshing, cold and creamy with just the right sweetness. The ice-cream served in the coconut husk with pieces of coconut flesh was rather bland.

East & West Rendezvous

The nyonya chang looks pretty and the filling was very tasty. A pity the rice has a chemical aftertaste. 
Dainty bowl of chendol.
Much smaller in size compared to Jonker 88 but it tasted better. It’s more refined and you don’t feel jelak eating it.


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