See, Eat, Shop @ Shibuya

What to do when I want to travel but can’t? Read and plan. Instead of just filing away articles on pinterest, I decided to create note posts on places I want to visit. First up is Shibuya.

See @ Shibuya

1. Scramble Crossing

  • Starbucks on the second floor of the TSUTAYA building for great view of the crossing

2. Center Gai

  • Full of restaurants and neon lights. Similar to Dotonbori @ Osaka?

Eat @ Shibuya

1. Niku Yokocho (cluster of meat eateries)

  • Can sit in 1 restaurant and order food from others to be delivered
  • Niku Tenno Kuni, 3rd flr, uni wrapped with beef
  • Niku CHIKA, 3rd flr, 90 min all u can eat meat buffet, grill on your own
  • Enya, 2nd flr, yakitori

2. RAKERU Omurice

3. Viron

4. Shibuya Cheese Stand

5. Uoriki Sushi

6. Sushi No Midori

Shop @ Shibuya

IMG_84721. Hikarie

  • d47 museum on 8th floor of Shibuya Hikarie showcases the 47 prefectures of Japan.
  • ‘Made in Japan’ souvenirs at ShinQs, departmental store within Hikarie.
  • Kuze Fuku that sells my Red Tea jam has an outlet in ShinQs
  • observation deck for unobstructed view of Shibuya and Shinjuku

2. Tokyu Hands

3. Loft

4. Mega Donki (open 24 hrs)

5. Disney Store

  • sells advance Disneyland and Disney Sea tickets

6. Matsumoto Kiyoshi Part1/Part 2

  • cosmetics and medicine shop
  • Part 1 is open 24 hrs

7. Calla Lily (purikura photo booth arcade) 

8. Maruara



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