3 British Tea Houses + 1 French

Love black tea more than green? Then you got to visit these 3 tea houses within the Ginza/Nihombashi area.

1. Sir Thomas LIPTON Tea House Ginza

sirthomaslipton ginza

photo credit to prtimes.jp

Situated directly across from Yurakucho McDonald’s, this tea house consist of a museum where you can experience the life story of Sir Thomas Lipton, a tea shop retailing original tea leave, tea-related equipment and books, and a tea school to learn about tea preparation and tea pairing.

To enjoy a dining in experience, you’ll have to visit the Lipton Tea Houses in Kyoto run by Fukunaga Co. Ltd. There are a total of 4 outlets, 2 of which can be found within Kyoto Station Building. Besides a delicious array of cakes, the cafes offer savoury food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company also manages Tea Salon Baranoki on the 2nd floor of Takashimaya Kyoto for those who love afternoon tea.

マカロンのティーセット イングリッシュ・クリームティー

2. Fortnum & Mason

   photos credit to memoirs of aleisha

Located at B2 of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, this place retails tea and serves an afternoon tea set. The main Fortnum & Mason store can be found at Piccadilly, UK.

3. Juri’s Tea Rooms & Garden


Famous for its scones, Juri’s is also found in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, @ B1 of the main building. Besides dining in, you can purchase tea, jams and tea ware, and take away cakes and scones.

4. Mariage Freres

mariage freres ginza
photo credit to thecitylane

Originated from Paris, Mariage Freres has several outlets in Japan with its main shop in Ginza. Besides retailing tea and tea making equipment, several outlets including the head store has a tea room that serves mains, desserts and of course tea.

       photos credit to teataster.jp

鴨フォアグラのソテー、スコットランド産スモークサーモン、サーベルインゲン、アーティーチョーク、ハートのコンフィ、ブーケ海老、スペルト小麦のサフラン風味、旬菜のサラダ、紅茶フリュイ ルージュのヴィネグレット sPB012120 マリアージュフレールのティーポットは900mlも入る大容量です。 photos credit to tea-magazine.net

Such fabulous tea houses. It’s hard to choose one for my next visit to Tokyo. Will book a hotel in Ginza and try to squeeze all four into the itinerary.


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