Travel Bug, Anyone?

Hi, I’m Cindy, a homemaker who unknowingly caught the travel bug at eight months old, when my parents brought me to Genting Highlands, Malaysia.  In the last 40 years, I’ve been to lots of places.  The most memorable ones started from my honeymoon, when I did my first DIY, free and easy self-drive across England and Scotland.  Thus the saying, “You plan it. You own it.”  And when you own it, it stays with you for a long time.

It helps that I love to plan. Birthday parties, trips, daily and weekly to do, even exam revision schedule for my girls. There’s excitement in planning, anticipation in what’s to come. So it’s no surprise that ever since my honeymoon, holidays have been self-planned, free and easy.

I found that penning down my travel plans on this blog helps me to think and consolidate all the different aspects of a trip – flights, accommodation, sights, food, transport and shopping. And when I return, it’s fun to compare my actual experience with my plans to see how they match up.

So the posts on Travel Plans are all information gathered from travel sites, bloggers and travel reviews. I usually select those highly recommended but there are instances where I chose based on personal preferences or what I think my travel mates will like.

What I got to experience during the trips and the eventual itineraries can be found under Travel Reviews, Travel Itinerary and Travel Tips.

This blog is dedicated to my past and future travel endeavours.  I hope to leave behind memories for my family and share experiences with friends.  Come join me as I travel the world from home and beyond.


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