Ask me how it feels to visit a place I’ve not been for the last 30 odd years, and I’ll say it’s as exciting as visiting it for the very first time. And that’s how it is for my upcoming trip. I was 6 when my parents took me on a tour package to Hokkaido. I have photos of the Sapporo snow festival and a shot I took with an ice sculpture of Superman. But sadly I don’t have any memories of the trip. Well, this time I’ll be going not only with my parents but also my husband, daughters, sister, cousin and aunties. It’s free and easy, self-drive and after researching so much about Hokkaido, I’m sure the memories will stay for a very long time.

To help create a lasting memory, I’ve put together this page that holds my travel plans. Click the headings for the full details.

Planning A 14 Day Hokkaido Winter Trip


14 Day Hokkaido Itinerary Dec 2016 (Planned)


Hokkaido Must See, Must Eat, Must Buy


15 Day Hokkaido Winter Itinerary Dec 2016 (Actual)

15 day Hokkaido itinerary

Hokkaido I Saw, I Ate, I Bought