Day 11, Mon 12 Dec 16 – Otaru

Brrr... I braved the early morning cold and walked to the nearby 7-Eleven for my cannot do without milk tea and a bowl of steaming hot... The oden was for my husband who cannot eat carbs. I had my fish cutlet sandwich bought last night.Well, I concluded that cold fish sandwich didn't taste nice. Good... Continue Reading →


Day 10, Sun 11 Dec 16 – Sapporo

The many views from my room ... Breakfast was Calbee cereal I bought from a supermarket at Obihiro, with banana and yogurt from the buffet. There were many requests on Airfrov for this particular brand of cereal, so I wanted to try it for myself. Well, it didn't taste that great. I preferred the range... Continue Reading →

Day 9, Sat 10 Dec 16 – Noboribetsu

Woke up to a sunny day with falling snow flakes. Pretty.Breakfast was back at the dining hall. The Western spread wasn't fantastic but the Asian selection was good. There were lots of yummy dishes to eat with rice and miso soup. Right opposite our hotel was the shopping street. It was too early for anything... Continue Reading →

Day 8, Fri 9 Dec 16 – Noboribetsu

A last shot of the mountains and snow from our room at Tower Tomamu before we checked out. For our final breakfast, we tried the other buffet restaurant, HAL. Go early to get window seats overlooking beautiful snow covered pine trees.The spread here was good. There's an egg station for freshly cooked omelettes, a wide variety... Continue Reading →

Day 7, Thurs 8 Dec 16 – Tomamu

A full day at Tomamu. Nobody wanted to take ski lessons so we took our time to explore the resort and just chill. First things first, breakfast. Those with a huge appetite or who like a wide variety of food can choose to have buffet at HAL or Nininupri. The other option is breakfast set at selected restaurants at... Continue Reading →

Day 6, Wed 7 Dec 16 – Tomamu

Good morning Obihiro! Taken from my hotel window, there's the community centre on the left, Nagasaki store behind it and on the right is the JR Obihiro train station. For breakfast, we had 3 options: Hotel buffet Drive to Mugioto, a large bakery cum cafe by Masuya Walk to Esta West Wing (Tokachi Shoku Monogatari)... Continue Reading →

Day 5, Tues 6 Dec 16 – Obihiro

Kushiro is known for 2 things. One is tancho which is Japanese crane. The other is Washo, a seafood market where you take a bowl of rice and pick your choice of sashimi to go with it. My original itinerary was to check out from ANA and have breakfast at Washo Market, then drive to Tsurui Ito... Continue Reading →

Day 4, Mon 5 Dec 16 – Kushiro

After yesterday's disappointing onsen experience at Tsuruga Wings, we woke up at 6 am to visit the rooftop onsen at Yuku No Sato. It was totally worth waking up early for. We first warmed ourselves in the indoor pools then braved the cold up the stairs to the rooftop pool.  It was just turning bright when... Continue Reading →

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