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Word got round that I love to go on free and easy trips, especially to Japan. And that I maintain a Pinterest account full of boards regarding the country. Soon, family and friends started asking for help to plan their Japan trips.

After several experiences, what I’ve done was:

  • save people time and effort in planning.
  • help reduce travel cost – my aunties and cousin spent about $3,500 for a 15 day Hokkaido trip that I planned which includes airfare, 14 nights hotel stay, car rental (plus petrol, toll and parking), 4 day city public transportation cost, attraction fee, 6 buffet breakfasts and 4 buffet dinners.
  • introduce places, be it food or attraction, not found on usual tour packages and websites.
  • be available to help while they are traveling usually via WhatsApp.

All these got me thinking that perhaps I could venture into offering personalised travel services. Besides itinerary, I could do room, transport, attraction and even restaurant bookings.

A quick comparison with some leading and popular travel agents specialising in Japan holidays revealed either high cost, tight schedules or run of the mill itineraries.

I believe that holiday trips, from start to end, should be an enjoyable experience. You should begin with excitement and anticipation, and finish with a sense of satisfaction and longing for the next trip.

If you share the same belief and would like to have someone plan a trip for you, drop me a message on this blog. You can read more about my travel planning service here.


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